Monday, November 2, 2015

On to Hanoi, October 31, 2015

Our first night in Hanoi we went down the street from our hotel to a grocery store.  I picked up quite a few food items to do a bit of cooking when I get home.  After having supper at a small Vietnamese restaurant on the way we headed back to the hotel.  Here you often have to walk in the road with the motorbikes and cars as sidewalks are totally covered. With parked motorbikes, street food sellers and in this case a family having dinner.  We stopped to see what they were cooking and they invited us to join them.  They pulled out a couple very plastic stools for us. I almost fell over trying to sit on it.  Not so hard for betsy. As soon as we sat down they pulled out a couple. Green plastic cups for us and poured in beer out of a two liter bottle.  Who could say no.  Then they wanted to share their food which we turned down.  During the second glass of beer 3 policemen in green pulled up to the curb.  There were two other police in blue on the street.  Everyone jumped up and started piling up the stools, moving the cooker and generally getting out of the way.  I asked a girl if we should leave, she said yes, we said thanks and proceeded down the street.  They were all so gracious and generous.  A great time.   Below are a few of the group. 

This encounter was a highlight for us.  Notice the motorbikes behind us parked on the sidewalk

Our hotel in Hanoi was host to many members of the communist party who were in town for a meeting which happens every four years.  Because of these we had a bit of extra security

All the attendees had matching suits and briefcases.  Their ties and socks (if they wore them) were different

While out shopping we met this baby. Her mother had a clothing shop about 4 feet wide. She will grow up in that shop. 

The changing of the guard at ho chi Mihn memorial

This lovely lady chews beetle juice. It does darken the teeth, but is really red.  Her teeth have been blackened to make her more beautiful

She and betsy are tight buddies

Packaging noodles.  Sometimes you just have to use your feet

A beautiful girl from Nigeria we met at the ethnographic museum. Sue was in Vietnam studying software design

Climbing down from the long house. We were supposed to touch the boobs.  I can't now remember why. The house gets longer as the family gets bigger.  A new room is added with each marriage in the family

We visited the prison where many American pilots were held during the Vietnam war.  The prison was actually built by the French when they ruled the area.  They used it to detain Vietnamese protestors

Very interesting to read their take on things.  One of the exhibits has john mccains flight suit in it.

In a grocery store we found this baby milk

We are now on the plane flying from Hanoi to Taipei. After a 2 hour layover there we are on to San Francisco