Sunday, December 31, 2000

The Great River Road

This is our first trip with a professional house sitter. Chris brought Jordan over about 6 pm Sunday, March 2. His job is to maintain the house, but primarily his job is to take care of Bernie. He brought ingredients to make a very fancy German cake for Mondays German class. Richard had sent one of his mothers recipes in German. It contained only 50 grams of sugar. Jordan made some changes to the recipe and baked two layers of mocha cake. Monday he got up at 4:40 am to finish it. Mocha buttercream and raspberries
Jordan sent thisicture he took at school

He said the teacher said it was divine. 4 layers of cake, fresh raspberries, what's not to like.

Since it was -18 and a bit breezy, I took jordan in the car to meet the bus. He had gotten a pass from the school so that he could ride the bus to and from school.

Herb and I hit the road about 8 and headed south. We left the freeway about 30 miles north of Madison and headed toward Prairie Du Chein. We had never been to this part of Wisconsin before. It is quite beautiful. Hilly farm country with lots of trees. Lunch in Prairie was un remarkable.

After lunch we crossed the river into Iowa. We drove through McGregor which was a cool little town right on the river where Liza's grandma had lived.

The most interesting town of the day was Gutenberg. We cane into it down a steep road. In this picture you can see a row of houses on an arm which reaches out into the river. I'm thinking there may be a flood here if it warms up too fast.

What looks like water is actually the eastern shore of the river. Stayed in Dubuque.

Location:March 2-3, 2014