Monday, January 7, 2013

Work at the center for visual arts

These four quilts were part of an exhibit at the CVA called Form and Function. The displayed work was from a variety of media most of which was very functional. It was my first time to exhibit here and was quite a thrill.

This colorful quilt has been hanging at Chris and Michelle's house for a couple years. I borrowed it back for the exhibit. It is all pieced from solid color cotton. The size is about 3'x5'.

The black and white piece below is also pieced of 100% cotton. It is about 4'x8'. It SOLD while on exhibit.

The neutral piece below is called the changing market. I think it looks like a graph that needs explanation just like the stock market. It is pieced from 100% cotton and is about 2.5'x4.5'

The piece below is pieced from 100% cotton and started with a strip set which I sliced into curved pieces, splayed it out and cut black fabric to fill the spaces created.

The quilts have come back home except for the sold piece.

Location:Wausau, Wi