Thursday, January 28, 2016

Original quilts with curves, inset circles and curved flying geese

The following quilts are posted for the quilt group meeting at Art Start in Rhinelander.  I will be teaching this group the techniques used in these constructions so that they will be better able to create their own original pieces.  The workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, May 11, 2016 from 9-3 at the ArtStart building in Rhinelander. I will be bringing other samples to the workshop. 

This first piece for made as a sample for a friend in Illinois who makes and sells rust dyed fabrics.  She wanted to see how different people would use her fabric.  I created a fence using the rusted fabric and wind using fabrics I had dyed.

Those attending the class will need to bring machine, cutting tools and mat, lots of fine shafted straight pins, basic sewing supplies, at least 6 coordinating fabrics at least 1/2 yard each (more is better), water soluble marking pencil, notebook.

The piece below evolved from an exercise done at Nancy Crows studio near Columbus, Ohio
Each of us had started with a doodle and were then to make it into a quilt in a couple hours.  The spiderweb quilting was my husbands idea.

below is a piece I did quite a few years ago.  I called it "And two became one". The red and blue lines merged into purple. The background solid colors are cotton sateen with a value gradation within the fabric. 

Below if the first piece I ever did with inset irregular shaped circles.  It was also done at Nancy Crows. When I got the second circle set it, I realized I had made an olive.  The title is "Make mine a double"

This quilt used both flower pounding and curved flying geese.  The flying geese are paper pieced using a design drawn out in a sheet of paper.  The flying geese also utilize intersecting gradations of two colors

This is a large piece done with just two fabrics.  Strip sets were made in different scales and then integrated into this piece. This quilt was sold to a pianist!