Sunday, September 28, 2014

Edinburgh to Stratford

A very polite reminder posted behind the toilet. & we complied.

Shopping at the Edinburgh 'WalMart' with shelia

We had help selecting beer at the Walmart. Didn't let him help with the tasting, tho.

A lip-smackin party in our room. Opener, compliments of the kindness of a stranger.

The North Sea south of Edinburgh

Hadrian's wall. Now a pile or rubble

In the city of Richmond. This town looked like Doc Martins village. Actually was home of All Creatures Great and Small.

Walking the Shambles in York. Not a straight line here.

With all the sheep, there has to be yarn

Food we could have eaten

The way to Richmond castle, as directed to by our very own Ancient Monument.

We walked around the castle in Richmond and found this lovely view

A bit of lunch on the street. Mine was pork & Stilton.

.They knew we were coming! Priced a bit low, I think.

A bike on the shambles

Entry into York. Hugh Yorkminster cathedral in the distance

In Stratford upon Avon. We took Shelia to see Shakespeare's grave. Pinched our mums from a dust bin. (Finally got one, Steve.)

Billy's grave in a small cathedral


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stratford upon Avon to Oxford

Ann Hathaway's cottage in Stratford.

Naughty Betsy uses the WC on the coach. Horrors,

In the cathedral where Shakespeare is busied. Next week is their autumn festival. We visited with a woman who was decorating the whole church with wild flowers

She is really cuter than this picture shows

Here lies Shakespeare He paid to be buried in this cathedral. May he rest in peace

Another residence in Stratford

Guild Chapel in Stratford. Egyptian figures on the wall. Explanation below.

Bought our pork pies and Scottish eggs from this guy. He was quite proud to have been named the best pie maker in Britian


Got in a bit of trouble at Warwick castle

Loved the castle. Looked like a bit of Downtown Abbey inside

Finally found the trebuchet. Unfortunately we had to leave the castle grounds at 4:30 and that was when the demo and firing was scheduled

Amy has worked with the trebuchet for two years. She told us how to battle with the trebuchet. If you had an injured warrior, they could be used as payload. She said poop was also quite effective

The workers get into the wheels and walk to cock the machine

Now in Woodstock. Winston Churchill's grave. Quite plain and unprotected in the church yard


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chester and Liverpool

Sep 22, 2014
If you can read the black and white print line, it is the longest place name in The world. The definition is below the name

We had a stop in Chester which is a city with lots of ancient parts poking out here and there. One of their modern things is the marathon coming up soon.

A view of Chester from the ancient bridge

Cathedral in Chester

The ceiling is made of stone

On to Liverpool. The Beatles played the cavern club in their early days

This picture will be on trip advisor. We had fish n chips here and spent quite a bit of time talking with the young people who worked there. They wanted to know if American teens die of suicide and drugs, what was the minimum wage, and in general about life in America

Sep 23, 2014
Boat cruise on Windermere lake

The grave of William Wordsworth in Grasmere

Recipe for scones as supplied by one of the hotel kitchens. This recipe makes a bit too many.

Scottish country side. All the fences are dry stone. England uses more hedgerows.

Inside the gingerbread house. Extremely good gingerbread according to Betsy and me. Jane, not so much. She prefers Digestives.

Haggis ingredients. We ate it in Edinburgh and found it quite delicious. Swede is our rutabaga.

This pie has haggis, potatoes and turnips

Sometimes you just have to shut it all out