Thursday, July 19, 2018

(Backup) My Swedish 3rd cousin

I’m sitting in the Amsterdam airport waiting to board for MSP.  Had a brief nap and woke up for a bit.  Yesterday was a great day!  For about a year and a half I have been messaging with Nicklaus Maldahm on Facebook. He found me through my mother’s obituary and is interested in researching the family. His mother and I are third cousins.  We arranged to meet at a boat landing dock where we boarded his small boat.  The cottage is on a small island In the Baltic Sea.

At the cottage we met his two children, Heldwig and August, his partner Thomas, his mother Brit Marie, father, brother, sister and more. We all enjoyed a swim before lunch.  The water was very comfortable and slightly salty.

Say what you will about Facebook and technology, but without them this party would have never happened. I’m hoping to have visits from some of these newly discovered relatives!

This is the pier where we parked the boat

We swam off a pier on the other side of the island while lunch was in the oven.
Lunch was really good.  Nicklaus made meat and vegetarian pies and salad for lunch.  His mother Brit-Marie had made some great cookies and pastries. We swam while the pies for lunch baked. 

This is the cottage.  

To swim we walked out the back of the cottage to the pier on the back side of the island.  The water was clear and deep.

There were about 10 of us in the water all treading water and chatting.  I loved the conversation. We all seemed to find the same things funny.  

We left about 3 in the afternoon to drive to Arlander airport where we had reserved rooms in a decommissioned plane which had been made into a hotel.  Before turning in we sat at a table on the wing and had a drink. The table was not level as the wing is not flat.

This is the hotel.  The room in the engine space is for rent, but if you have it, you need to exit your room, go down a ladder and up another to the main part of the plane to use a bathroom.   With our rooms we didn’t have bathrooms in our rooms, but there were plenty for our use.  Showers and all

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