Monday, July 16, 2018

Finding Grandmas birth place

Our business today involved driving to Torshult in Smaland to find the small town where my grandmother was born.  On the way we saw a sign for a loppi which by now had learned meant yard sale.  We followed the sign down a short dirt road to a sale site.  It is a permanent sale!

This lovely lady was manning the store .  She spoke no English so she wrote down numbers when we wanted something.  

There was lots to see

I got these two plates and the table runner plus a bag of pretty generic buttons that had looked good through the plastic they were in.  Oh well, they will be a good souvenir.  Maybe they will end up on a Swedish themed quilt!

We drove on to Torshult. The family emigrated to the US because of bad crops, religious persecution and bad luck.  Farming here had to be near impossible.   So this is the edge of town.  

We had stopped to take some pictures from the road and this dog came out to greet us which was a really good thing because this girl came out after her and we got to visit with her.  She lives quite remotely yet spoke very good English.  She was really sweet and told us about her school and her family.  They have sheep, horses and one dog.

This is a typical house and these are typical rocks.  The soil must be quite shallow and there are rock piles everywhere

The Pasteur 

My grandma left here over 120 years ago and we have no idea where her home was.

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