Monday, July 16, 2018

Nature Day In Smaland

Smaland is very rocky and totally forested. It’s no wonder the emigrants had to leave for other places.  It great here for everything but farming. This day we dedicated to nature.  After a stop at a glass foundry we went to a nature preserve for a hike.  The ground was soft and good to walk on.  The trail was quite narrow and soft

The lingonberries are just starting to ripen

I ate about a pies worth of blueberries on the hike

Eric tested out the softness of the moss

This reminds me of a photo I took 20 years ago of Eric and Liza walking in a forest in Alabama

The map of where we hiked

This pile of harvested timber was alongside the road

Beautiful rock fences were everywhere.  No shortage of rocks!  I’m sure there is a new crop every year

When you drive on the local highways there is usually a crimp in the road as you enter a town. This slows the traffic.

In the late afternoon, we rented a canoe and took a ride on a small lake.  Fiona was a part time canoer and part time swimmer

At the bottom of our canoe ride there was a raft.

Here Fiona is moving along pushing herself along using the rocks on the bottom of the river

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